Programming Xamarin.iOS Book

I'm writing a book about Xamarin.iOS! Why? After Jon Douglas's announcement to write a book on Xamarin.Android, we started discussing a need for a Xamarin.iOS counterpart. My goal over the next year is to create a book on Xamarin.iOS. Get Notified of Updates If you're interested, subscribe for updates as I… Read More

Incremental ListView Control and Plugin for Xamarin.Forms

This week I'll introduce you to a new control I've wrapped into a "plugin" for Xamarin.Forms - IncrementalListView. This control allows you to specify a PageSize and PreloadCount to control when and how many items to load as a user scrolls. It's powerful and easy to drop into your project. Take a look at… Read More

Xamarin Studio Tips & Tricks

I live inside Xamarin Studio for most of my coding adventures. I'm pretty happy there, but there are some small things I have learned that help with productivity and feeling more comfortable. Tasks Your //TODO: comments don't have to get lost. You can find them all in a list via the Xamarin Studio ->… Read More