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Symbolicating iOS Crash Files (Xamarin.iOS)

The last few days I have come across a few people needing to use .crash files from their running apps to debug issues. I was not really sure how to use them or if you even could when your app is built with Xamarin.iOS. I was surprised to find little conclusive information on the… Read More

OpenCork UI/UX Refresh

I spent a few hours this week coming up with some more design concepts for my OpenCork app. We currently have the app in the iOS market and are going to be working on the Android version soon. I wanted to try and fix some of the UI/UX things that have bothered me about… Read More

Moved to Ghost

I just read a blog post from Nic Wise over here about a new blogging platform, Ghost. I was using Octopress and hosting with Github Pages. This was working out ok, but I was not posting very often because the process of making a post with Octopress was a little painful. I was really looking… Read More

Ludum Dare 28 Postmortem

The Competition I have been playing around with Unity for a little over a year now. I have not really made anything substanstial. I have been playing with different ideas, learning the APIs, and discovering new assets to toy with. I have been wanting to make something with this new found knowledge for a while,… Read More

iOS 7 Blur with Xamarin.iOS

Make Your App Look Cool Recently I watched a video from WWDC 2013, where the presenters showed how to create a background image for a button that blurs the image underneath. This takes advantage of a new method in iOS 7 - DrawViewHierarchy(). This method lets you get an UIImage of your background, and blurring… Read More